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Program & Courses

​The mission of the Graduate History Program is to serve the needs of both students who desire to deepen their knowledge for teaching, and also for those who simply seek a more focused and advanced study of the past. Our M.A. program provides students with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive grasp of the past so that they might more fully appreciate the heritage of Western Civilization and the problems that confront it today.

Degree Requirements:

Candidates for the master’s degree are required to complete 30 credits of graduate-level history work, or, alternatively, 24 credits and an acceptable 6-credit thesis written under the direction of a professor.

Three credits must be taken in Historical Methodology.

Students have up to five years to complete their graduate studies.


  • 30 Credits / 10 courses
  • HIS 500: Methodology (required)
  • Tracks
    • Thesis Option [8 courses (24 credits) + Thesis (6 credits)]
    • Non-Thesis Option [10 courses (30 credits)]
  • Formal Mentoring / Advising

Regularly Offered Courses:

  • The Early American Republic
  • Modern East Asia
  • Historical Methodology
  • The Gilded Age 
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • History of the Middle East to 1920
  • The American West
  • Europe 1914-1933
  • The Reformation
  • The Irish in America
  • La Belle Époque and WWI
  • The Ottoman Empire

Spring 2024, Summer and Fall 2023 Course Offerings

The 2023-2024 Graduate Programs Academic Calendar can be found HERE.