Graduate History Program

Program & Courses

​The objective of our program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop a comprehensive grasp of the past so that they might more fully appreciate the heritage of Western Civilization and the problems that confront it today.

Students have an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree with a primary major in American History or Modern European History and a second major in American History, Modern European History, or Medieval History. Areas for a minor field are American, Modern European, Medieval, or East Asian.

Master’s degree students are required to complete 30 credits of graduate-level history, or 24 credits plus an acceptable thesis written under the direction of a professor.

  • At least 18 (but no more than 21) credits must be taken in the major field, three credits of which must be a seminar in the major field.
  • Three additional credits must be taken in Historical Methodology.
  • The remaining credits (six or nine) must be taken in an area other than the major field; a minor field may be designated for these credits. All students are strongly encouraged to take a course in Historiography in their major field.

Sample Courses

  • American Military History
  • Modern East Asia
  • Modern Portugal
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Imperial Russia
  • The American West
  • The Irish in America