Degree Requirements

Candidates for the master’s degree are required to complete 30 credits of graduate-level history work; or, alternatively, 24 credits and an acceptable 6-credit thesis written under the direction of a professor.

Three credits must be taken in Historical Methodology.

Students electing to write a thesis will designate (in consultation with the Director) a 3-person thesis committee. Students and the Committee will have a Proposal meeting (prior to registering for thesis credits) and a defense, scheduled when the Advisor and Committee deems the student ready. All completed and defended theses will be digitized and placed online.

All graduate students will have a formal / designated advisor in the department, and the Mentor-Mentee relationship will be formalized by the start of the student’s second term in the program.

Students have up to 5 years to complete their graduate studies.

Curriculum (effective Summer 2019)
30 Credits / 10 courses
HIS 500: Methodology
Track Options:
1. Thesis
2. Non-Thesis
Formal Mentoring / Advising